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Bath TCG – Breaks and Razzes

Facebook is home to many wonderful groups, especially Pokemon Groups and Selling Groups for card games!

However, one of my favourite types of groups are Breaks and Razz groups! So much so, we now have our own!

What is a Break and a Razz you ask? Well, a Razz is essentially a raffle. You purchase as many “tickets” or in this case “spots” as you wish and once all the spots have been taken the list of names is randomised X amount of times (determined by the roll of a dice) and whoever is top of the list at the end wins the prize! The prize could be anything from a Pokemon Card to a whole Booster Box!

A Break is very similar in that your purchase a spot, but you are guaranteed to come away with cards! A break is when Booster Packs are opened in a live video for everyone to watch. Before the packs are opened spots are sold and then randomly assigned to an energy type. You then get every card opened of that energy type.

Both Breaks and Razzes are a fantastic way to potentially win products at the fraction of a price or bolster your collection! You can join our group by following the link below.

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