Join the Bath TCG
Affiliate Programme

We are pleased to be able to offer the opportunity to become an ambassador of Bath TCG. Upon being accepted into this programme you will be able to earn commission on every sale you direct through  

How does it work?

Discount Code

You will be given a unique discount code, set by you, to share with followers.

Referral Link

You will be given a unique referral link to share with followers.


Whether your follower buys using the link or the discount code the commission you earn is the same based on the total value of the sale excluding discount, shipping & taxes.

Customer Discount

With your code and link your followers get 2% off their purchase from


Am I limited to how much I can earn?

There is no limit on applied.

How can I see my referral statistics?

You will be able to check your progress by logging into your Bath TCG Affiliate Dashboard.

How do I get paid?

We pay out as soon as the balance of your affiliate account reaches £20.

Can discount codes be combined?

Unfortunately not, discount codes do not stack.

Can I use the Bath TCG Logo in my social media posts?

You absolutely can! You will be provided with access to a folder of assets that you can use on your social media accounts.

Who can register for the Affiliate Program?

We do not have any specific requirements however applicants will need at least 500 subs/followers and your accounts will be vetted to ensure that your profile is suitable and relevant.

Can I use my own discount code?

No, we do not allow affiliates to make purchases using their own discount code.

Can I distribute my code elsewhere?

No, Bath TCG does not allow affiliate codes to be distributed on any other website outside of social media platforms, for example a discount code site. Any unauthorised distribution of your code will result in a termination of your affiliate account.

Are there any other no-no’s?

We monitor our affiliates to ensure the content they make is relevant and suitable for Bath TCG and our customers. Any abuse or misuse of your affiliate account will result in a warning or deactivation of your account, and any funds becoming void in the process. If we receive any complaints of your code being misused we reserve the right to take action which may include removal from the affiliate program. We also monitor for inaction and will remove affiliates who do not generate sales in a 6 month period.