Our Website Has Launched AdShark Marketing

Our new website!

So for the past few weeks now I have been working on creating this new store, the reason for this was due to the added benefits that this one offers (such as this blog!) and the fact that I frankly wasn’t overly pleased with the performance of the old site.

This does mean that you will have to create a new account and any orders placed on the old site are still being shipped but from now on everything will be done through this site.

Obviously it is all very new and even though I have been testing there will no doubt be some bugs! If you find any please do let me know so that I can ensure they are fixed.

A major perk of this site is that it is integrated with Square who provide the card payment system and are also the providers for the card reader I own for transactions in person when selling products at Bath Pokemon League. Meaning I know have one simple stock management system reducing the time I have to spend working on the site.

Anyways use the comments below to let me know what your think and what could be improved and importantly any bugs that may be present.



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