Joe Shipley makes it to the Semi-Finals!

Bath TCG recently decided to sponsor Joe Shipley to help him in his adventure to become a top competitive player in the ever growing Dragonball Super Card Game community.

The competitive Dragonball scene in the UK is still very small but is growing very quickly and this is a great opportunity for Joe to be establish himself and hopefully with our support will achieve this goal.

Joe has already taken part in a number of tournaments of which he won a few and regularly makes it through to the finals. The most recent tournament that he took part in was the ‘4th Budokai Tournament’. It was an online tournament, played over webcams, consisting of a lot of US players meaning that the competition was tough with how well establish Dragonball is there.

Joe’s first match-up happened to be against his friend who was running a set four Vegito Deck. Joe was able to quickly overcome this deck taking the victory by Turn 4!

The second match saw Joe facing a Nameks deck, knowing that his opponent would flood the board Joe responded quickly by cell chaining multiple times into the five drop to kill the board and took the victory in turn 4 again by utilising his Mira Cell Chain. 

After two very dominate battles Joe was into the semi-final and had to face a Trunks Draw Deck, this is one of the toughest match-ups for Joe’s deck and would have to play very strategically to be able to take the victory. The draw power of the opponents deck though made it very difficult, and even though Joe was able to pull off one Cell Chain and two Miras he was unable to take the victory. The match was very close but his opponent was able to pull a negate from a life to prevent Joe’s last attack and take the victory.

IMG 0095
4th Budokai Tournament Structure and Match Ups

If you would like to find out more about Joe’s deck you can check out his profile video on YouTube. Please make sure you help support him in his journey by giving a thumbs up on his video and subscribing to his channel. Joe will also be handing out codes for our website to enable you to get discount on your products!

Joe’s YouTube Deck Profile Video

Well done Joe on the result and we look forward to hopefully seeing you in action in Manchester!

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