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Enter a new World with KeyForge!

I am extremely excited for this unique new game, KeyForge, which was created by Richard Garfield who is a legendary designer and responsible for Magic: The Gathering.

In KeyForge you enter a new artificial world known as the Crucible built from the pieces of countless planets. It is a two player game where each person play the role of a mighty Archon racing to forge keys that will unlock the Crucible’s hidden vaults.

What makes this game truly unique is that it contains 104 Quadrillion different decks meaning that every game you play will provide a truly unique experience. This takes away the “pay to win” element of other card games where you build your own deck as all decks come pre-built and ready to play.

Another amazing feature of this game is that it is truly affordable. We are selling the individual decks for a low price of £7.15 each and the starter decks are only £29.50 each (£27.00 if you get your pre-order in early).

We hope you are all as excited as we are for this new game! If you wish to find out more about it you can see full details here.

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