Chaos Vortex – Cosmic Eclipse

With Cosmic Eclipse dropping in less than a month, here at BathTCG we have decided to each week, focus on a specific card from the set that is potentially going to see a lot of play in the new meta.

The first card we are focusing on is Chaos Vortex. Chaos Vortex is a new stadium card that reads, “When either players play a new Stadium card from their hand to discard this Stadium card, discard the new Stadium card as well. (Ignore all effects of the new Stadium card.)”. 

Chaos Vortex

Stadium cards are very prevalent in the meta at the moment with decks such as Reshizard utilising Giant Hearth, Pikarom using Thunder Mountain and Blowns using Ultra Space. This card not only can deny those decks use of those stadiums, shutting down key cards that make up a large portion of those decks strategy, but it also means you can use this card to counter stadiums that would cripple your own deck. Keldeo and Mew3 decks are crippled by Power Plant and Gardyeon struggles when Lysandre Labs is in play. Being able to shut down these stadiums could possibly improve these decks even more.

Chaos Vortex is a fantastic card and is definitely going to see play once the set is released and could help shift the meta in a different direction.

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