Gym Leader Challenge

Gym Leader Challenge – Old Cards, New Format!

Is standard not doing it for you anymore? Do you have old cards in your bulk boxes that you wish you could do something with? Do you miss older formats? Frustrated that the expanded format is basically broken? Well, the solution to all of these things is simple… Gym Leader Challenge!

So, what is GLC?

Created by Andrew Mahone and his Tricky Gym Twitch community, Gym Leader Challenge (or GLC for short), set out to fix the expanded format and provide the Pokemon community another way to play the game they love. Unlike Standard, GLC has various stipulations when it comes to how you build your deck. Similar to Commander in Magic: The Gathering, GLC is a singleton format where your deck can only contain 1 of every card and those cards can come from any set in the Expanded pool (Black and White onwards). You also are not allowed to use any rule box cards, meaning you are limited to only single prize Pokemon! This can make for longer but far more interesting games and means some cards that didn’t see play before may be extremely potent in this format. The final restriction you have is, just like a gym leader in the games, your deck must be based around one type and one type alone. Do you like water types? Build a water deck! Embrace your role as a gym leader in this format.

Deck Building

Deck building is a really fun and challenging task within GLC. Due to the restrictions, you really have to make every single card choice count. There have been so many great items, tools, supporters and stadiums over the years it can be hard to decide what to include. Luckily, there are a few easy categories trainer cards can fall into.

Where do I start?

So, you want to take the dive into GLC but are wondering where to start? Well there are a few places you can look. The first would be, a site set up to cover all things GLC. This site has plenty of guides for decks of different types, set reviews and resources to help you get started on your journey.

YouTube is also a great place to start as well. Mahone himself has made plenty of Gym Leader Challenge content. Other content creators have also made some great guides, deck profiles and streams, including OmniPoke and PumpkaAmy. If you want to see lists from online tournaments, play.limitless has a large collection as well.

Here at Bath TCG, we are starting monthly GLC tournaments and including it within our usual weekly league sessions as well. If you are interested in playing, pop down on one of our league nights! The community is extremely welcoming and always eager to help new players however they can.

We also have a large selection of cards you can pick up for your GLC deck both in-store and on Cardmarket. Check it out! 

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